Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butterfly Effect?

Woke up in the morning around 8am on the telephone ringing, I was still sleepy, in fact very dizzy, an energetic and husky female voice on the other side started calling me with my nickname the family in Iraq used to call me when I was a kid! I looked around me in the living room. I was not sure if I was dreaming of this, something very similar to the days when my female cousins used to call and exchange jokes with each other! Or was I in fact in Iraq and all my life abroad was a dream after all!!! All that happened in a fraction of a second.

The female voice kept asking with fun and energy "how are you?" "how are you dear?" and "what's wrong, my dear, you don't sound that well?" I told her that I just woke up "she laughed, and the loudness of her voice did not decline, she asked with a giggle "oh oh oh, my dear, my dear, you were still sleeping??" I cleared up my voice and told her innocently, of course, I have to change and go to work in a few minutes, I was already late. I was almost loosing my balance, because the voice of that female was not familiar but it was very much close to that of someone I know! When I gave her the last answer about preparing to go to work she paused and said "no... not.... it is not the same .... you are not the same person I want to talk to..." Her voice did not loose its energy it had in the beginning of the phone call, but embarrassment was obvious in her tone. She repeated the same sentence three times but on each time, her voice was becoming down than before. I told her "I don't believe so, you are looking for someone else... " She was confused, started to apologize and hangup.

In a fraction of a second, because of that phone call, I felt like I was in another place, a place from the past! Like I was going through a butterfly effect!

Image by Hipathia

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