Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Hardest Farewell of George Wassouf

Very beautiful song, very sad song indeed. In fact one of the best Arabic songs ever made, in my opinion. When I read in the news a couple of weeks ago that the great George Wassouf choose that song, Assab Fourak (Hardest Farewell), to be the single from his latest album, Kalamak Ya Habibi (Your words, My Love), I was wondering how someone make a video clip that would match the sorrowful lyrics and can at the same represents the atmospheric melodies of such a song?

The video clip was made, by the genius Latif Nasief. The video was filmed in a the town of Kafr Thebian, Lebanon. There are very nice and interesting segments in this video, the one I liked most is when the young man picks up a coin from his desk and stare at it. That coin is the same one used by George Wassouf in his previous video clip "Ya habeeby", which was also directed by Latif Nasief, but the most emotional part in the clip is when George Wassouf standing leaning on his black car, surrounded by rocks, wiping his tears away while saying the farewell and nostalgia!

One of the things I can make out that George Wassouf has transformed himself through this video clip from the lover who misses his lover we used to see in past videos to the grayed hair father who deeply devastated by the loss of having his son living far away. One thing in common with many other video clips by Wassouf is seeing him driving another beautiful car model. I couldn't figure out what model is that, besides, I am not an expert in cars, well, who cares, I liked it!

At the moment George Wassouf is on tour to the United States and Canada to promote his latest album, which sold out on the first few days of sale.


MixMax said...

Below are photos from the making of this video clip. Source

Anonymous said...

Ah but alas Mix, I am handicapped by only understanding english, but even so I found the clip beautiful...ta 4 that...

I also know nothing of fine cars, but my guess would be a Corvette..

MixMax said...

I was going to translate the text, but honestly I was afraid to ruin it. There are some songs when translated it looses it magic, but I will try, why not when I have the time.

I am glad you liked the video clip

Anonymous said...

Don't translate it Mix, what you said, says enough :)