Friday, June 13, 2008

Football: Oranje Style!

I couldn't believe my eyes! Neither did the approximate 50,000 Dutch fans travelled to Bern, Switzerland to watch their national team playing against France today. The Dutch football team played with style that made them the winners after a breathtaking match against France, scoring 4 fantastic goals against 1 for the world second football champion. Some might say that the French did not play well (like in an argument with a friend of mine who said that Italy didn't play as expected). I don't agree with both, because two things were clear: first France and Italy played hard, and they played as they should, but (which is the second remark) the Dutch played better, so they deserved to be the winners.

Two years ago, everyone blamed couch Marco van Basten for the poor performance of the Dutch national team. Then he made a promise to everyone that the team is still young and everyone will see the same team but much better in the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament. Two matches from this championship guaranteed Oranje for the quarter-final, and it proved that van Basten was up to his promise. He also deserve an applause for his tactics and conduct.


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