Thursday, June 26, 2008


I often hear that the eyes can disclose the true feeling of someone when looked at. The eyes shows happiness, sadness, anger, fear, even hidden rage! Many and many musicians talked about the beauty of the eyes, how a singer would be describing the eyes of his lover in a poetic way that people love to hear and imagine. Others say that looking into the eyes is the way to reflect self-confidence of the other person - a person who does not look eye to eye has no strong personality - I don't agree with that, however many believe in it.

The eyes is one fascinating part of human body. I heard from people more than once about guys who fell in love because their lover's eyes. We have a say that the eyes fell in love before the heart, does that apply?

Some like to play with their eyes (or others eyes) by putting different (sometimes strange) makeup and colors. Some would make another piece of art by doing some manipulation using either photoshop or real make up. Others would just show another face of reality in beautiful and different ways. Eyes can be a source of imagination too, indeed!

With this post I put a selection of some of my most favorite images of eyes, made by wonderful and talented individuals and artists.

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Anonymous said...

I think the peacock eye you chose most beautiful ... different cultures have different meaning for eye contact...

Abbas Hawazin said...

hey mix,

did you get to see Babydoll Night? what do you think of it, i reviewed it recently and I remembered that you liked the Yacobian Building (as I did) so I was wondering about your opinion of this sister-film-of-sorts.

MixMax said...

Hi Abbas, glad to see you again. I didn't see Babydoll Night movie, yet, I will read your review because I always like your insight :)