Sunday, May 25, 2008

Arab Comics

This website rocks!! it is as simple as that!! It is excellent work to revive old comics translated from the likes of Marvel, DC, even Manga (Japanese comics art) and other. The effort done by the men and women on that website is extraordinary, by taking time scanning old comics or translating original ones, and above all assisting each other to put these comics in a very elegant and professional way on the website. The phenomenal effort and time taken from the members of that site to do all that voluntarily without seeking commercial profit or something deserve big applause.

Many people visited the site acknowledged something of a dream come true reading their old favorites and own them digitally after all these years.

Some poeple from non-Arab countries thought that "arabising" comics published by Marvel and DC, for example might ruin the feel and essence of the story. Some mention that giving comics characters Arabic names itself is a bad idea. On the contrary, a lot of people from the Arab world enjoyed the characters of "Klark Kent" named "Nabeel Fawzi", or "Jimmy Olsen" named "Nadeem Hilmy", or "Louis Lane" named "Randa" in the Arabic versions. By the way, due to public demand and success of such book-reading, the translation of famous comic books extended to included other European languages, such as French and Dutch, where Tin Tin (or Kuifje in Dutch - Belgian) were enlisted among many other comics characters.

The translation of known comic books is not new to the Arab world - I mean it is not part of the reforms George Bush is pressuring Arab governments to pursue. Lebanon and Egypt have been the leaders in such for many and many years back. On I read one of the first Batman comics that has been translated back in 1966. They were some ups and downs with the publishing of Arabic comics, especially in Lebanon, because of the Civil War and political situation, but it remains to this day loved by many. Recently a Kuwaiti private sector company has contracted with Marvel to translate their comics and re-introduce them to the Arab world in a new look.

The work on regarding translation and scanning is considered by myself as first class work by first class artists. It is not only a hobby by some men and women who wanted to re-live their childhood through exploring forgotten translated comics

I bow my hat for you, guys!

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