Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Aqoul's Review On "Infidel"

Very interesting review by Aqoul did on the latest book called "infidel", written by former Dutch MP, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman who is known to many for her controversial stand against Islam and Muslims!

I am not planning to buy the book or read it, for various reasons: First because it won't serve any purpose in reading (and profiting the author by buying it in the first place) a book of someone who continuously exploiting freedom of expression granted to everyone in the Netherlands to achieve political or personal gains. Second, I won't support anyone using / attacking any religion to acheive political and personal gains. I consider that as the dirtiest attempt to reach fame and glory. The third reason is generalization; In the Netherlands there is a big Muslim community living in every single village and town. This community consists of people coming from the east and west of the Muslim world i.e. practice of Islam differs from one country to the other. Conclusion, Harsi Ali's problem with her traditions has nothing to do with women in Egypt or Iraq, for example, therefore, women from Egypt or Iraq won't have sympathy or support for "the cause" that Harsi Ali is "fighting for".


CMAR II said...

I won't support anyone using / attacking any religion to acheive political and personal gains.

Actually, MixMax, the freedom of expression in the Netherlands ain't so free and her "political and personal gains" have been minimal. Hirsi has had to flee the Netherlands for fear of those devoted to "religion".

By the way, now that the Lancet Report has been shown to be a fraud, do you have any new reflections on this post of yours? The Iraq The Model blog was right about it, no?

I mean, you said, "Whether it is 6 people or 600000 people, what difference does it make?"

Well, apparently the number meant a lot to the Lancet Report analysts since they went out of their way to make up extra deaths for the Iraqis. Don't you consider that pretty morbid?

nadia n said...

Hirsi has had to flee the Netherlands for fear of those devoted to "religion".

Funny how she almost had her citizenship revoked as a result of her own party's draconian anti-immigrant laws. Ironic no? She was exempted, but she was she exception not the rule, lots of people like her weren't so lucky and deported, and unfortunately they didn't have a gig at the American enterprise institute to fall back on.

Abbey said...

Cmar ii

Ive been to your site & read your narrow minded rantings. You are nothing but a one-eyed bigot with obviously little mental stimulation, limitted writing skill and to much time on your hands.

The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq has led to thousands dead both Iraqi and American. To argue numbers, it is like arguing over how much rice has been spilt. Mix's point ( & I fully agree with him)at least shows respect for those who have lost their lives.

Take you prejudices and crawl back into your ill informed cave...

god what a neanderthal!

My apologies Mix, this is your space but really I wouldnt even bother justifying my point of veiw if I were you... its just the same old waffle that american extremists are becoming known for ... no wonder their credibility globally is at such a low.

nadia n said...

He's spamming like every Iraqi blog with that comment. Their blog is unreadable, it's not even worth commenting on.

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Abbey said...

You ever coming back Mix :(