Sunday, October 15, 2006

Die... For Freedom

Like many, I was shocked during the past days with the lancet report regarding the approximate number of people killed in Iraq since the invasion in 2003. Most surprising is the comments published on the Iraq Model Blog. It was more shocking to me the concept presented by the writer on that blog: for freedom it doesn’t matter how many lives should be sacrificed! That such a report is considered an insult to the souls of the Iraqis!!

There is no point in an attempt to turn the eyes and minds from the fact that the force that brought freedom to Iraq is having its share of the crime towards the Iraqi people, like many other criminals from inside the country and outside.

Whether it is 6 people or 600000 people, what difference does it make? Do those people who have been under the oppression of Saddam for decades ago have the right to live in peace? They do have the right to build the country with their own terms and conditions without any interference from any scum? It is not fair to turn the table around and distract people by point fingers to different direction while there are more and more people from different ages are falling down for the sake of something called “the export of freedom”. Anyone, in any country, living in any city or village in the whole world knows that the whole Iraq freedom issue is now sinking deep in the blood of innocent victims. There was a target to bring peace and order, and to put a democratic government for Iraq. All that did not happen, and will not happen; I am afraid!

I am not going to debate the accuracy of that report, especially taking into the consideration its timing which might grant some political gains to Bush opponents in congress. But I find it disgusting to eliminate and to burry the outcome of that report. The contradiction in dealing with this report is also outstanding, especially when the US department, the UN and the British government all praised the same source for bringing terrifying reports about the conflict in Congo some years ago. And now we see Bush disapproving the latest report without going into deeper analysis explaining why he doesn’t do so. The more contradictory the comments are, the more frustration is build up: Blair dismissed the report by saying that he only believes in the reports coming from doctors in the Iraqi hospitals, oh yeah? But the Iraqi doctors did indeed praise and confirmed the results of that report!

Any person understands that there are conflicting agendas of a ‘holy cause’ to some and green currency on the other. As some call it, there is for the GOOD OF ALL MANKIND thing in the process, but who is paying the price? The Iraqi are getting killed, forced to leave their houses, by leaving their country and almost start begging in neighboring countries just to support their families.

Why there should be comprise for the Iraqi people?

The Iraqi people deserves peace, for God’s sake… They deserve TO BREATH clean air like any other human being on this planet. They deserve to sleep at night without suddenly jumped out of their beds either by the sound of an explosion or by hearing the door of their houses smashed to pieces and seeing some god only knows who storming to arrest a member of members of his family. The Iraqis are tired of politicians’ lies and deception… no, Iraqis are frustrated of the greed that those politicians show.

Black color became the most demanded one in Iraq: there who mourn their poor and beloved dead ones are wearing black. There are those who kill, they also wear black! Black slogans are hanging in different locations, where names of victims are written. Even people who are afraid, they decided to wear black, from top to toe… maybe because other colors bring attention to them!!

Iraq and the Iraqi, from north to south, all deserve a better live, they do, but in their own way, not by importing other people’s culture, or other nation principles.

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