Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Quick Sorry Note

I don't know if anyone experienced the same thing in his/her blog, but for the past period I noticed that some of the comments I recieve are not correctly published on the main page for the related topic. When I click on "publish post" button under the moderate comments tab, the post just disapear and doesn't show on the main page.
I want to apologize for any inconvinience from the people who posted their comments but noticed that they are not published. Don't be upset because this is something out of my hand, at the moment.


aNarki-13 said...


this better version:

have fun! hilarious!
انجخ ابو سعود أنجخ

MixMax said...

aNarki, you read my mind, two days ago I was thinking about where can I find that song!!!
thank you very much :)

white rose said...

hey mixmax :)
just saw ur comment on my previous (now deleted) post and i wanted to say thanx 4 ur kind words and advice :)
take care...