Sunday, October 22, 2006

Changing Strategy or Amending Tactics?

Yesterday, the American president, George W Bush, presided a 90 minutes meeting with his top generals in the US forces to review policy in Iraq. According to the news on media channels – even Bush himself addressed that in his weekly radio speech, the purpose of the meeting is to review and maybe change tactics used in Iraq, and not to change US strategy in the country. I don’t doubt that a minute, especially with the stubborn nature of Bush and his men around him. Besides, it is very dangerous politically to suddenly come out to the public and say that “we have a new strategy in Iraq”, while there are the Congress elections coming very soon. In addition, voting pole in the media in regards to support for the government is essential. It is also dangerous because any failure will create an problem among Americans themselves: for those who support the war, there are who believe that there is a noble cause for this war i.e. liberty, freedom, democracy, WMD…etc, and all is part of the war on terrorism. For those supporters, this means that they are losing this war! On the other hand, for those who oppose the war, this means that more anger towards their government because their beloved ones fought a war which their government did not plan for properly, additionally to considering the war as one without cause.

There are rumors coming out form Washington about a plan by the U.S. Administration demanding the Iraqi prime minister, Maliki, to come up with a scheduled plan to end this violence, including disarming militias and implement a number of economic, military, and political measures. In the proposed plan, which is supposed to be implemented next year, the US will have more control on actions to be taken! Wondering what else they want to control? They do control everything!!

Speaking of taking control, earlier today, I was reading Faiza’s (Family in Baghdad) latest blog – she did not write anything new for some time, and I wouldn’t agree with her more about every word she wrote. She has been busy risking her life trying to help Iraqis in need by visiting houses, non-government organizations, Parliament and meeting its members. She explained the sad and frustrating experiences she has been facing through during the past period.
I salute her efforts and also admire her faith in herself and in what she believe. My compliments to her and to the ability that she can do something despite the danger she is facing day after days.


Calabar Gal said...

I still stand by what I wrote. H eshould leave the people alone and stop being the self appointed policeman of the world. Why dosent he go to cuba to resue the people?
Its an unjust war he's perpetrating and would save his people a lot of depression and heartache. Control Maliki you said? As long as the Americans are in Iraq there will always be revolt. Why dosent he just get that? Just because he dosent want to be seen as failing and losing the war? Poppycock!!

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MixMax said...

I didn't say (or favor the idea) about control and malaki. I was merely quoting the news, I even mentioned that it is very lame from the US administration to do so, because it is obvious what after sometime Bush and his administration will come out and say: "see? it was not our fault, it is the Iraqi government that not doing anything. We gave them the chance but they did not take it". At that moment we are back to ground one! The US will arrange another elections, bring different faces, pump up support for their policy by saying that "We are on Iraqis side and will stick with them till the end for the sake of freedom and democracy".
In the meantime, more people will get killed by the Americans, the British, the terrorists, the militias, even men from mars will participate in this slaughter.

Sooner or later, the US will withdraw, no doubt about it, but the big question is under which circumstances will they do that? For the US to withdraw under the current circumstances is for them like committing defeat in their war - and yes, there is war going on, and only civilians are paying the price. No one else

Guess what, Calabar Gal, I might be wrong, the US will bring new faces to the front of Iraqi politics, but I have the feeling that these faces will be military figures and not politicians, and not any military: they will be these familiar faces to the Iraqis from old days!

To not burden you more with the whole affair, The US is in a very difficult situation where it occupies a country, but it did not have a plan on what to do with that country, the result is a big mess

MixMax said...

I forgot, I would like to thank you for seeing my blog :)