Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Islam Permits Wife Beating

I came across this video while browsing

Instead of spreading a message of granting nobility to wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters, by treating them with love and compassion, by supporting them and strengthen that holy bond between man and his wife. Instead of doing all this, the mufti of Egypt is allowing aggression, permitting shame and pain to be present in the family. Actually, he is even destroying a life-time partnership between married people.

What is the difference between a woman from the west and another from the east? Culture? What culture has to do with how to treat my wife? He is arguing that other cultures consider this act as barbaric or aggressive, therefore Islam will never permit it in these countries, but it is allowed by a man from the middle east or an Islamic country to beat the hell out of his wife! What a mockery!

I don’t believe that the mufti of Egypt still consider it civilized when his sister or daughter comes to him with bruises all over her body because her husband decided one night to check out his muscularity


earlymorning said...

is he can keep his mouth close it will be better for all moslims, such talking made us third world countries

Anonymous said...


MixMax said...

I wish it is so! Third world countries in general terms are those who going through the process of improving their social and economic development, which means that even third world (or developing) countries are now ahead of Arab and muslim countries because of such comments