Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Coffee

We don't need to pay for our coffee at work. We just go to that coffee machine, choose for either coffee, espresso, hot water for tea and so on... then select if the desired drink extra or less strong, then press the "start" button where on the top small black screen it gives in red letters the choices made, and at the end of the selection text the following sentence is displayed: Free of Charge!!!!!!

It is free of charge, we know that! or is it like a favor the company is giving us and would like to remind us every time we feel like a drink?

I wish they also serve Stroopwaffles with the coffee, that would be great :)


Abbas Hawazin said...

hi mAN, i really missed coming here, best luck. nice gimmick, btu I would've really preferred it to serve chai.

Anonymous said...


god now my boss will want a 'free of charge machine'

MixMax said...

Hey brother Abbas, it has been a while. I thought of chai myself while I was writing that post :)

MixMax said...

is your boss a regular visitor to my blog!?????? lol

Anonymous said...

Free coffee...If i took all the free coffee i was offered in peoples homes when im working i wouldnt get any work done.

Glad you get to enjoy it...Im a coffee addict.

MixMax said...

Join the club, Branwen, from my post you can figure out that I am a coffee addict