Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Largest Flag

I read a couple of days ago about a collective work by a number of Palastinian and Syrian activists in Damascus, Syria, which resulted in making the biggest ever Palastinian flag and according to these activits, the largest in the world, which qualifies it as a record breaking that can be included to the Guinness World of Records

However, searching the net revealed that Israel and the United States each claims to be the one breaking Guiness World records! In addition, information on Wikipedia showed that Cyprus claim to be the one breaking the Guiness World record. Oh! but wait a minute, I should have more in depth look into this subject. I should categorise the term the largest flag and from there pick up a winner. In other words, I should specify "the largest flag hanging" or "the largest flag representation"... etc As in this list

Two things I don't like about that: the first is the way such a competition has been carried out! each party claiming that he is the best and he did the one deserve to be breaking the world record. The second thing is: it ruined the whole idea of having something unique made by man!

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