Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dream Band

What a coincidence, yesterday I was thinking of what my dream band would be. I laughed today when I knew that I am not the only one who would dream of the almost the same lineup. Gus G, of the band Firewind has almost similar "wish", except for the choice of the who would be on vocals and drums. His choice are very similar to mine, of having Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell) on guitar, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) on bass guitar, Jon Lord (Deep Purple - Whitesnake) on Organ/Keyboards. The guitarist of Firewind put Ronnie James Dio on vocals and Cozy Powell on Drums. However, not that I don't want Dio on lead vocals (he is one of my favorites), but I would put my nr.1 favorite singer instead, no other than the mighty Ian Gillan. Not only that he is the lead singer of Deep Purple, but he did "Born Again" with Sabbath, for God's sake!! Considering Cozy Powell being out of the question due to his death back in 1995, Gus G and I should pick up another drummer for this dream band. What would be my choice? Slayer's Dave Lombardo? I don't know if he would fit in considering his style! or Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne - Whitesnake)?

I am not familiar with the music of Firewind, but one thing I am going to do today for sure, to give a listen to The Premonition!

Image courtesy of guillhermes


Elda said...

You write very well.

MixMax said...

thank you very much, elda, and welcome to my blog

Anonymous said...

no offence but i would like to post a "my dream band"

it might be a little different compared to what you would expect because it is well... a screamo band.. but they are very very talented musicians.

Howard Jones - Vocals (Killswitch engage)
Herman Li - Lead / rythm (dragonforce)
Sam Totman - Lead / rythm (dragonforce)
Joey jordison - Drums (slipknot)
Michael Balzary - Bass guitar (Red hot chilli peppers)

All these musicians are extremely talented at what they do.. it would be fucking incredible to hear them create a song together.

Rick said...

Geeees you guys are living in the stone age of Rock...Let me suggest the ultimate band:
Vocals: Steve Perry
Guitar: Eddie Van Halen
Bass : Geddy Lee
Drums: Hands down Neil Pert
organ/piano/syn: Dennis Deyoung
Songwriters Dennis Deyoung and
Steve Perry..gentlemen, this group would sell more CDs than The Eagles or Michael Jackson

Anonymous said...

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