Thursday, April 12, 2007

Truck Bomb on Al Sarrafiyah Bridge

I ask the same question Zyad put on his blog: whyyyy??

What is the significance of blowing out a bridge like that, and during rush hour? what kind of a threat such a bridge can make? Al Sarrafiya Bridge is neither a military location nor used by the military. It is just a normal bridge that people can go from the west side of Baghdad to the east side, on car or on foot. Nothing more, nothing less!

From the impact of the explosion, and from the pictures, the bridge was cut a big peace in the middle which plunged into the river, as if two explosions took place and not only one on either side!!! I am still wondering if a truck explosion can cause such damage!! There were attempts to blow up this bridge in particular in the past, ; one was last year in August when a suicide bomber ignited himself in the middle of a bus killing tens of people. Another time when explosives were found hidden ready to set off and blow up everything around it...etc In either way, it looks like these attempts were continuously targeting the bridge and the people using that bridge, but where is security from all this? I keep on asking this question: How can someone let a truck pass by checkpoints and go through into the bridge?

God damn anyone who tries to wipe out Baghdad’s identity. The genocide process by those criminals is reaching the heritage of Baghdad. That bridge is one of oldest heritage, whether built by an occupier or by Iraqis themselves, it is part of our heritage and one of the main landmarks Baghdad was famous for.

Why this madness? And why no one is condemning these acts?? Look at Algeria and Morocco and what’s happening there: everyone call it terrorism, is Iraqi blood that cheap?? Is Iraq that cheap in the eyes of the rest of the world?

UPDATE: In memory of Al Sarrafiyah Bridge


aNarki-13 said...

i'm also doubting the official ONE TRUCK story.
i'm no civil engineer but i AM an engineer. this does not look right.

A&Eiraqi said...

"God damn anyone who tries to wipe out Baghdad’s identity"

E walah 3ash 7elgak ya Max

God bless Baghdad

Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Max,

"God damn anyone who tries to wipe out Baghdad’s identity"

Not Only Baghdad but Iraq: bag and baggage.


BlogIraqi said...

All of what is happening now in Iraq is out of sense..not only the bridge thing.
Its just another face of Baghdad was taken down..waiting for the other faces to follow.

MixMax said...

Each time i look to the pictures and the film I updated my post with it makes me wonder more about the truck story!! I don't want to go into the conspiracy theory stuff or something, but were there plans, big plans, to have contstruction company do some work on that bridge among others???

A&Eiraqi and Marsh,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Ieee wallah, god bless Baghdad, and God bless Iraq.

I agree with you, I am afraid of what to come, especially with the incompitency of the current government.

There are a number of conclusions we can draw from what happened! What is happening is either a plan to isolate the two sides of Baghdad from each other - making sunni and shiite! Another conclusion is that the new security plan is so successfull where the forces are cracking down outlaws, militias and other terrorists (all in the same category: I call them terrorists). Well, for the last conclusion it is difficult to believe because there no one noticed any changes in security situation, except for Bush!

To make long story short, the current security plan has failed! in fact, it never succeeded, and it will never succeed because there are some who want the situation to remain the same: people remain afraid, troops remain in Iraq, hatred among citizens build up more and more...etc The result... Iraq remain DEPENDENT on others, the more fear, the more inability to handle your own situation and the more you look for others to help you, those others will help, but based on their interest, not because you are a human who needs help to live.

:: Katrin said...

Today I learned that the mufsidun stroke again yesterday :-((

anarki, have you ever seen pictures of the Harriri bombing in Beirut? That was one truck, too.

MixMax said...

Interesting to point out that both actions were linked together!! So the Lebanese will find the killer of their beloved prime minister in Iraq!

aNarki-13 said...

yes yes i saw the PM Harriri incident pics.. but again.. something seems out of place. i dont know. i wish i am proven wrong and its just paranoia on my part..