Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Planet Earth

While I was driving to work early this morning, I heard on the radio that European astronomers announced today the discovery of a new planet more than 60 trillion miles from earth orbiting outside our solar system. The significance of that discovery is their assumption is that this planet has the most suitable conditions for supporting human, with temperature lies between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius – theoretically, this also indicates the existence of water in liquid forms on it. Its radius is 1.5 times the radius of our planet Earth, and has a mass five times the mass of earth, which scientists predict that this planet is either covered with rocks or with oceans.

Later in the day I opened alarabiya news channel website to read the news, and the same news about the discovery of the new planet was there. The interesting part about this news is people’s comments. Some were skeptical about the existence of life outside planet Earth. However, almost half of the comments took a religious course regarding the subject: many praised God and the creation of the universe, some backed up this discovery with verses from the Quran and some disapproved it using the same in regards to the existence or non-existence of extra-terrestrial life. There were some obscured comments, such as that of someone who wrote “God gave us another chance [with this discovery] to live together, Arabs and Jews on it”. Other comments emphasized that this discovery is the sign for the re-appearance of the Imam Mahdi, and the approach to the moment at the end of time!

Others, many others, were sad and wrote about how Europe and the west in general became advanced with their technology in which wonderful discoveries like this are made, while Arabs nowadays are still behind and plagued with dictatorships, ignorance, poverty, extremism, corruption, agony, wars… etc In fact, many of the readers pleaded to alarabiya website to put more news about science and technology so people can learn and get more educated from it. There are some who expressed their grief for the future of the new discovered planet because “we humans will turn that planet into a play-field for evil and bloodshed”. It is very interesting that some of the readers already predict a universal war that will wipe out human race entirely and that “the new planet is too far, until the time we discover ways to travel there, the ‘war’ will be already took place”!!!

One reader regarded the newly discovered planet as the ultimate alternative for our current planet, especially with the increasing danger of global warming and what might result from it in the future.

Other readers suggested sending all extremists to live on that planet and “let us here to live in peace” – or the opposite for others who recommended full immigration of human race except for extremists and fundamentalists to do what they like to do most!!

Not all comments were that serious or darkly-viewed; there are comments that showed sarcasm, humor and ambition in some cases, such Azzoz who prayed to God that the planet has its own inhabitants who can play football in order for us to arrange with them football tournaments called “Football League of the Planets”. An Iraqi reader wrote that the discovery is a problem, big problem if people leave earth for the new planet, because “we won’t be able to sell our oil to anyone, we won’t be able to get medicine, electricity…etc” and for that reason he “decided to buy a camel, before camel crisis happen”.

Some guy with the name of Ahmed asked if there is Khat (or Qat) on that planet, and if not, then he is not willing to go!!

Another guy asked if he is allowed to live on that planet, but has one condition: He doesn’t want the following to live there: neither Bush nor Blair… neither Arabs nor Jews, no republic or monarch state systems, no thieves or drugs… but he was wondering if a peace of land there is cheap or not! Speaking of Bush, one warned that this planet is now doomed, because Bush will sooner or later lead a campaign to bring democracy there! But he showed some sympathy for the American president by “hoping that oil is can also be discovered there, so Bush won’t be disappointed and take that long trip for nothing”. Yasmin said that she wants to have her honeymoon there, while Blend did some mathematics by writing “the planet is huge, so buying a piece of land and building a house will be very cheap, but due to its massive gravity, the planet is not for fat people, because someone with 100kg on earth will be 220kg on the new planet”.

Another Iraqi asked if there is a place on that planet for 27 million of his fellow men and women!

Finally, there were many praises by alarabiya readers for the Egyptian singer, Midhet Salih, because he was the one who wrote a song predicting the existence of another planet and that he wants to live on it.

For those who can read Arabic, the link to the article is here

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