Friday, April 06, 2007

Sabbath Between Heaven & Hell

Regular readers of my blog realised by now that my favorite guitarist is Tony Iommi, so this is worth writing for!

I am talking about the reunion of original band members of Black Sabbath during the Dio years; this is in between 1980 to 1983 and they reunited for one album and a tour in 1992. This time the reunion of Tony Iommi (Guitars), Ronnie James Dio (Vocals), Geezer Butler (Bass) and Vinnie Appice (Drums) took place to go for a world wide tour in support for the latest release called Black Sabbath: The Dio Years. Some might say that this is another greatest hits album, not entirely, because the album also contains three newly recorded songs by the band, three killer songs:
1. Neon Knights 2. Lady Evil 3. Heaven And Hell 4. Die Young 5. Lonely Is The Word 6. The Mob Rules 7. Turn Up The Night 8. Voodoo 9. Falling Off The Edge Of The World 10. After All (The Dead) 11. TV Crimes 12. I 13. Children Of The Sea (Live) 14. The Devil Cried (New recorded song) 15. Shadow Of The Wind (New recorded song) 16. Ear In The Wall (New recorded song)

However, the band is not touring under the name Black Sabbath, because first line-up of the band (with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals) did not disband in the first place, so the band choose the name Heaven and Hell, from the title of the first ever Sabbath album with Dio, released in 1980.

This is a commercial from announcing the Canadian tour of Heaven and Hell

The line-up with Iommi and Dio in Black Sabbath is very special, not that I don't love ozzy-era, I love all Black Sabbath albums and line-ups with no exception, but the first time and the first album I heard of Black Sabbath was Heaven and Hell and that album was the one of the main reasons I got hooked up to heavy metal in the first place.

I can't wait for the upcoming live CD and DVD of that tour, will come out later this year.

I am posting below a number of videos of songs and other stuff, which I found on You Tube related to this tour and band:

After all (the Dead)

Ear In The Wall

Ear In The Wall (Video Clip)

Die Young

Fallen Of The Edge Of The World

Interview with Ronnie James Dio

The Devil Cried

Another After Dead video captured

Mob Rules

Children of the Sea

Shadow of the Wind

Neon Knights p1

Neon Knights p2

Computer God

Tony Iommi Solo

Sign of the Southern Cross


Appice Drum solo

More information on the band can be found on Black Sabbath Online website. It is the ultimate source for anything related to Black Sabbath, greatest site. It also includes photos of the recent tour and updated information from Joe Siegler, the man behind this massive effort.


aNarki-13 said...

Heaven and Hell rocks indeed, Ronnie James Dio is the DEVIL, and i love him for it! :D

i'm addicted to the Voice of Rock. so i'm impartial here, i know :)
great post! thank you for the info!

MixMax said...

Hey 13, glad to see you again on my blog :)

Do you mean by The Voice of Rock refering to Glenn Hughes? He is also known for his particiaption with Sabbath and Iommi. The man is really a powerful singing machine who can sing anyhing and everything.

aNarki-13 said...

hey Max: ummm no i meant Dio: the voice of METAL.. ugh. my memory fails me often these days.. sorry!

Hughes is excellent as well, but there's this Dio thing i have.. best heard in his intro in "The Last in Line"
AND throughout "Stand Up and Shout"
and of course the excellent "Heaven and Heaaaaaeeelll"
the way he belts out those tunes is simply.. Dio!

MixMax said...

man, you know what! you are a class :) That intro of Dio on last in line is amazing, and he still can do it despite his age. There were some negative critics when he released "Holy Diver" album live two years ago on CD, but the problem that Dio was ill during that concert recording, but listen to him with Sabbath on this tour, the man can break thunder with his voice.
Listen to "ear in the wall" from the new Sabbath CD, great riff, great singing.... overall, great song.

aNarki-13 said...

thank you! i learn from you!
(will go look for that cd.. thank you!)