Monday, April 09, 2007

British Navy Released

When we were kids we used to have a problem with one or two from the whole group, who used to break the rules of the game and almost a quarrel, takes place between the group and those boys because of this. We spend a lot of time trying to convince them, with no success. No one agree with their objections and as a result the group refuses to play with them. After a little time, those one or two boys or girls realize the situation and decide to get back to the group, follow the same rules, and play wonderfully with the rest of the group.

After the end of the game and before we say good bye to each other, the same "rebellious" kids stand a distance away from the group, they start making funny faces with tongues out and fingers making signs of sarcasm towards us. They say, among many things:”We are not with you” or “you are not good”, “your rules are not right and we want these rules and the way the game played to be changed”. We look in amazement at each other, because the same thing happened before and it happens again: the kids get themselves in trouble, no one want to play with them, after a while they come and say we were right and they were wrong, and at the end of the game they start shouting, complaining and protesting!

I am not a fan of the regime in Iran, neither I want to defend them by any means, but the way the released British navy soldiers came out on TV yesterday on a press conference with the allegations of Iranians mistreated them, Iranians forced them to say this and that... all that is just hilarious and extremely lame. One day only after their release, they even didn't have enough time to get their breath back from the long trip – it looks like military intelligence debriefing did not last long this time with regards to inquiries and information gathering from the released soldiers about the Iranians! However, one day, and they just come out, all look healthy, no bruises, and no shock in their eyes from the mistreatment by the Iranians, with papers in their hands, in front of the joyful press, they sit and tell their story!!

In the meantime and almost three weeks after the capture, the US government kept on watching the situation quietly, of course there was the condemnation part took place, but suddenly they broke that silence with the announcement that the British navy was on petrol to prevent weapons smugglers when they were captured by the Iranians! Funny that we didn't hear that from the British themselves!

But wait a second, where is the Iraqi government from all this? I thought that Iraqi navy has been restored and they are doing the "stop weapons smugglers" task! Ah, I forgot, the agreement is that coalition forces are responsible for restoring peace and order, while the government focuses on provides services and reconstruction efforts around the whole country!
Another comedy scene is the announcement of releasing the soldiers: The Iranian president comes out on a press conference, talk about everything and anything from politics to religion to what else and suddenly before the end of his speech he says that the 15 men will be released as a gift to the British people!!

I am not going to argue about whether they were on Iraqi or Iranian sea territories, but I also find it a bit hard to believe that a British military analyst comes on TV and explains that the sea border between the two countries is not clear and difficult to be identified! Hey! The 8 years war between Iraq and Iran because of that damn sea border (among other things), and the first thing Iraq and Iran agreed upon was where these sea territories for each country lay!!

Iran played it right this time and they had a double winning position: when they captured the soldiers and when they released them. Many political and military analysts confirmed that Iran was in control of the situation from the beginning throughout until the end. I think it is for that reason, the joyful press conference yesterday and the story telling of abuse and mistreatment came altogether at once!


A&Eiraqi said...

Hi Max
I don't want to defend the western world but, do you think the Iranians played it correctly?!!!

People now belive that Iranians tried to kidnap and hurt their solders, what was the benefit from keeping them in prison, threatening of taking them to court and then releasing them?

I hope there will be no attack against Iran but this event could be used as an explanation.


MixMax said...

Hi a&eiraqi,

I want to remphesize one more time that I am not defending the Iranian authority, nor I am a big fan or Iran and its government, but if we assume that the Iranian did really kidnap the British navy soldiers, and then released them, then the whole thing is a matter of a show of power. I doubt they were kidnapped, neither they were tortured the way they were describing it during the press conference. They might be shouted at, maybe, but torturing them? I don't think so!
In addition, frankly I don't trust Blair government and their GSP data, simply because they proved in the past to be big liars: didn't they used the same method to start the war on Iraq?
And you are right, this action by Iran might ignate a war, I totally agree with you, but I hope this won't happen, for the sake of all people in the region