Sunday, April 22, 2007

Divide People With Walls and Bloodshed

Sectarian violence have eaten up Iraqi society, which led to hatred feeding people hearts in the same neighborhood. This is how it started. It led some blinded minds and hearts men to initiate a campaign of deportation on every alley, neighborhood, village and city as a whole.

Innocents are dying either by masked men, or bombs, or on their way to a safe haven…etc
A new map is in the making, pulled its basis from concepts such as: who do you belong to… which group or person you are loyal to… it does it matter where you live or who are you acquainted with… etc The result, innocents follow the rest in an exodus in all direction, inside and outside the country

Instead of bringing people together, healing the wounds of the past, and to strengthen loyalty for the nation.

The new map is taking its shape, attempts to blow bridges, houses have been sold to strangers, factious construction and re-construction companies own by war lords are gaining more basis and more money… finally neighborhoods are now separated by a wall! Like ‘al Adhamiyah great wall’, as the Americans call it, a 3 miles long concrete wall have been built around it, which took 10 days until now and will continue till the end of the month, and God knows how much it cost – instead of spending that money on services for the people.

This is not the end, it is the beginning!

Instead of finding a solution for the problem of million of Iraqis shattered in different countries, again countries representatives meet somewhere and decided to deal with the issue with another wrong approach: allowing countries to receive Iraqis on their lands as refugees and give aid of millions of dollars to them! Why? Is it Iraq became so useless to find a solution inside the country? why do I have to bring families who used to live all their lives among their neighbors and loved ones to another country and let them began their lives from zero? Shouldn’t the solution be searched for inside Iraq? Forget about the invaders and their effort to restore order, why don’t we all Iraqis come together as one, reject the building of such a wall, let the whole world knows that we are one, we don’t want to be isolated in blocks, because we used to live with each other without walls or barriers.
Once, one of my fellow bloggers said that we need miracle! Is it became that impossible for good and honest people to raise their hands and prevent things from becoming worse? It will not need a miracle… the situation will explode, sooner or later, but only god knows how devastating the impact of such an explosion will be!

Million of Iraqis were happy that Saddam finally gone – some could not believe that they would witness such a day, but it took place, but the whole thing was based on wrong action, and when an action is taken based on wrong basis, then nothing or no one will be able to amend the situation and make things right. This is logical, but what really makes me sad is the fact that no one is recognizing and admitting that he or she is wrong…

And the killing machine keep on rolling!

Condoleeza rice was right when she said that we are witnessing the “birth pangs of a new middle east”! You are right, Condi, it is obvious, it began from Iraq, when the flags of Kurdistan replacing Iraq’s flag on every official building in Sulaimaniyah and Arbil, or from the calls of Abdel Aziz Al Hakeem to implement the federation and feeding up separation principle with such calls, or from those who want to establish an Islamic Nation of Iraq in the middle of the country

In either case, the building of the wall, which I am sure it will follow suite in other neighborhoods in Baghdad will only means one thing; the security plan for Baghdad failed.

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chikitita said...


I used to think that only politicians call for segregation and death to the other. As time goes by, I realise that laymen too are toying the idea.

High walls in Baghdad are not unusual, only this time it's made public.