Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terminator: Salvation

I didn't think that another Terminator movie would come out. However the new one will be in theaters next year. Obviously, there is no Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, but the main role is played by Christian Bale, who is known for his great acting in blockbuster like Reign of Fire, Equilibrium, The Prestige and lastly we saw him putting Batman suit in The Dark Knight.

I don't know about the chances this movies has coming out around the same time another blockbuster hit the theaters, I mean the latest Star Trek movie, which looks promising from watching the trailers.

Anyway, we shall see, because trailers and posters can be deceiving, exactly like Egyptian drama these days.


MixMax said...

I forgot to ask: isn't that Eddie (Iron Maiden mascot) on the poster of the movie?

aNarki-13 said...

oh you wish it was something as cool as Eddy :)

that my friend, is the t-800 "Arnold" endoskeleton, which WAS the epitome of coolness, back in 1992.

this movie will suck. i guarantee it. no matter how talented the stars are. just look at Alien vs. Predator, or AvP requiem, or even Terminator 3. those had sooooo much potential.

i hate Terminator 3. only good things in it were Arnold and Claire Danes' face. i hate Kristana Loken or whatever her name was, and i loathe Nick Stahl. abso-motherloving-lutely loathe.
they just HAD to ruin the greatest sci-fi franchise of all time, didnt they? i mean, T2, the best sci-fi movie ever to BE MADE, has one of the goddamned coolest villians to EVER be onscreen, and has EVERYTHING one wants :)

they had to give us a "stretchy" lady terminator. yeah right. oh and dont even get me started about the idiocy of Nick Stahl's John Connor..


XOXO said...

In spite of my preferences for romantic movies and dramas I liked Terminator, the 3rd one, too, especially that "stretchy" lady terminator.

I don't know how this actor will play the role of a robot... It remains for us to wait and see.

Hasta la vista, baby!

MixMax said...

I know who is that, aNarki-13, I am like you, I loved the first and the second part of the Terminator movies. I third installment was a little disappointing, but mainly because of the main actors played in the movie (the young ones).

Yet, we will see what the fourth part would bring to the story. I just wish Hollywood didn't make a follow up to the story, though. Stopping at part 2 was much better than stretching the story further.

MixMax said...

The lady terminator was good, yet, as I mentioned to aNarki, I just wished they didn't make that one because stretching the story in general the way it was in the movie was not a good move. I love Arnold and his acting, because he didn't play only the action hero - not like Stallone - I loved his role in Kindergarten Cop, and his role in Twins also amazing. But I think he is more into politics than anything else at the moment, and this is one of the reasons he is not going to appear in T4

Anonymous said...

Good to know MixMax. I hadent even heard about it coming out.

MixMax said...

Hi Branwen, glad to see you again. I didn't know that either till I came across the poster of the movie

Anonymous said...

To anyone thinking T3 was any good:
You should really open your eyes to the spin of and money scheme.
It was just a by the book money machine.
A big star,a gorgeous female and some action with the actual story coming last.
T1 was the best.It was a True visionary film and was so because it was an all around james cameron
film.He co wrote it he directed it and produced it.
It had a smart realistic(as much as a sci fi film can be)story and a very authentic feel.
T2 was a typical blockbuster but had style and was very convincing besides the fact it cheapened the story.
T3 was utter fail compared to the last 2 and completely ruined the story and feel of the original.
T4 will not be awsome just cause its in the same "blockbuster" machine.
Just the fact the story is written on command and not by some deep desire or vision of a writer already tells us its not gonna be some deep personal vision but a cheap Generic film,powered by the "something for everyone" motto averaging it to mediocrity.