Saturday, November 08, 2008

Life's Core

Lifes Core is a blog I have been browsing through among other blogs today. One thing I can describe that blog: peace. The color, the subjects, the content of the blog, all gave me some peaceful and simplicity feeling to it. In fact, that blog reflected some sensitive personality that is combined with emtional character. I might be wrong, but this was my impression while reading through the different posts and looking at the pictures aligned with each post.


Anonymous said...
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Jessica the Minx said...


I went and had a look, if you like that its simple you must think the fridge and I are purely decadent ;)

though I didnt see the sensitive personality, the lady was talking about old crones taking the virginity of young girls :0... I must of missed what you saw...

Oh well off to a new dawn

MixMax said...

oh no, Minx, yours is tense, tight in positive sense, at least what I see in your writings is far from being negative. Your blog is like a band playing so perfectly that each instrument is so loud but beautifully heard and distinctive.

I didn't see that post on Life's core regarding taking virginity of young girls, which one was that? and did you discuss that with her, or at least gave your opinion?

MixMax said...

Hi Abbey, I am happier that we all connected (that you also know XOXO). Blogging is indeed fun :)

Jessica the Minx said...

You are very perseptive Max, tense and tight is a fair estimation of where I

'Your blog is like a band playing so perfectly that each instrument is so loud but beautifully heard and distinctive.'

you write beautifully you like music? it seems to choose an analogy of a musical nature would suggest that you do... thank you for your compliments, now I will feel pressure to

No I didnt write an opinion, I read many words and only have time to write on those who puique my interest or are unusual... Im enjoying reading your opinions on Iraq, and your posts on Syria are so well written I feel I have been taken there myself.

Again thank you for your words

Anonymous said...
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XOXO said...

MixMax thank you for sincere words. I am really surprised that I have found in here people talking about my blog (be it in a way I wouldn't really expect :)).

Well, womankind! I would like to state once more that I have nothing against virginity. I have high moral values and principles that I apply in my life. But as we are all different, we think, act differently and have a different age, root - that's normal that some of you may not enjoy reading this kind of information. I write what I like and that reveals my personality the most. Those who have found something interesting, let's share these ideas. Those who didn't, it's ok. My posts aren't meant to "tickle" one's personality.

Regardind Gypsies and their wedding tradition - that's it. I've heard about this custom. It surprised me a lot. And that's why I decided to write about. Now, it remains for you to comment and discuss.

PS. You are wise people! It's not fair to condemn and judge.

Thank you.

MixMax said...

Hi Minx, the reason I said sensitive about xoxo's blog is mainly because of her blog start. Her house rules were a bit of someone sensitive yet simple:
* If you are willing to find out what's in a woman's head and soul at all times and at every hour, please make yourself more comfortable. I'll write everything about what I feel, think and believe. No wonder! I admit the fact that some of you will consider me weird because of my freak ideas about life. The good news is that gradually you will get accustomed with these ideas and you'll like to read them all.
* If you expect from me super-duper intelligent posts, reliable theory and deep analysis, pass by and don't waste your time in vain! My logo is the following: “I appreciate Intelligence but I love Kindness.”

* Mistakes or maybe some winding words... that's okay. Don't say I didn't avert you.

* If you have any idea and/or a funny comment regarding the revealed thoughts, feel free to type a few words and express yourself... I will appreciate your gesture.

* If you are a pedophile, chauvinist, racialist, please, stay away from this "home"! It's not dedicated to you!

I might be wrong, but that what I sensed while browsing through LIfe's Core blog :)

MixMax said...

you are welcome, xoxo, I was just sharing my opinion by putting a post about your blog.

I am glad that my blog became like a rostrum or a platform, if you like, where a number of dear friends and visitors have the opportunity to discuss and talk about your blog in particular :)

Anonymous said...
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