Saturday, November 08, 2008


What is the solution when your child of two keep on crying? he or she might be ill? but some say that this child is in the process of shaping up personality. I give an example: when a child want your mobile phone but at the same time you are expecting a phone call at any time. You try your best to take the phone from your child, the child starts with screaming, crying, kicking, and tears begins to come out of the little beautiful eyes that would break your heart!

What shall a father or a mother do? Shout back? be strict and take the mobile phone at any cost (let the child cry forever)? what a father or a mother should do?


MixMax said...

A dear friend of mine read this post and gave the following tips:
1) Stay calm.
2) Be firm, yet gentle. (It's okay to take the phone away.)
3) Tell the child, "Your crying will not change things." and/or "This is not a toy."

She is right when she said "Who said parenting couldn't be fun? "

Thanks a lot for the tips :)

Anonymous said...
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MixMax said...

yes, I did that, Abbey, used the distracting technique, and the most important thing was to stay calm while dealing with the situation, as my friend told me earlier. In a sense it worked, but not entirely lol

XOXO said...

ohhh... no idea!
I guess these situations are truly "enjoyable" for parents.

One thing is clear: no cry and slapping. There should exist other methods like toying, playing, distracting the attention of the kid by focusing on something else rather than on telephone...