Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nasrallah dates: best quality, highest price

With all preparations for the holy month of Ramadan, Egyptian public markets (souq) came out with a list of new names for their products, especially dates. The most expensive dates in Egyptian public markets now and with the highest quality carries the name “Hasan Nasrallah”, when the secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah is considered as a hero, especially after the victory they made in the war with Israel. The price of the one Kilogram of “Nasrallah Dates” is 24 Egyptian Pounds (more than four Dollars for the Kilo). The “Ahmednajadi Dates” (the Iranian President) comes second with a price of 18 Egyptian Pounds (more than 3 Dollars for the Kilo). On third came the “Chavez Dates”, after the Venezuelan president Chavez, who is highly regarded and respected by the Arab people. The price of “Chavez Dates” goes to 14 Egyptian Pounds (more than two dollars for the kilo).

This is not the first time that dates carry names of famous political or religious leaders or celebrities, such as in previous years when dates were called after Palestinian leader , Arafat, or the Egyptian female actor, Layla Alawy.

However, the worst quality type of dates did also took its share after: First come “Olmert Dates” (Israeli prime minister, Ihod Olmert), after years of carrying the name “Ariel Sharon dates”. The price for the kilop is 1.5 Egyptian Pounds (less than $0.20).
Egypt is considered now the first producer of dry dates in the Arab world, with its 11 million dates-palm, preceding Iran and Saudi Arabia in this field. In the past and for years Iraq used to be on top as the first producer and the country with the highest number of dates-palms.

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Little Penguin said...

They might have Saddam dates, too. I quite like the idea but I don't think anyone living in the West will do the same - some guy in America got arrested purely because while he installed a satellite, he installed Al Manar TV. you see what i mean?