Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is There Hope?

Like every Thursday, I have to be at work very early, I was late a little bit today! After finishing a number of things at work, I decided to read more and more blogs from Iraqi, inside Iraq. I read what Baghdad Burning was saying about "saying goodbye". Not far from her reality, but to the opposite. How? My relatives decided two weeks ago to leave Iraq: two old parents, two married men with their wives and their children decided to leave, why? because at any moment "it will be our turn" and "They will kill us". That was their reply! I asked them "by whom?" and "why?" or "can someone stop them?", but my question was already answered by what we hear, see and read in the daily news and from people we know...

It is like something programmed to target certain areas in Baghdad, or the rest of the country. Each family feeling threatened decids either to abandon their houses and go somewhere else, or the last resort by leaving the whole country. Saddam did that for years and now there is an opportunity for some groups to do the same.

A colleague of mine compared the disaster in Iraq with what happened more than a decade ago in former Yoguslavia. He said that this exactly what happened when the Serbs used to go to Muslim neighborhoods and force people to leave their houses, or vise versa... things escelated and the result was dividing the country into many, but it didn't stop there and a bloody war was waged that made more people fleeing the country and more deaths!

Bastards from the east and from the west are digging in our society in Iraq. One group is killing, the other counter-killing, and another group is standing from a little distance, just watching! Ah, and the same group who is watching is participating in the killing when they have the chance too - whether in public or secretly. In all this chaos, another disfunctional generation is born (the first disfunctional group is the one that Saddam created since he became president).

10 years ago I had a middle-aged man who fleed Iraq in early 1990s. I told him that there is no hope for Iraq to get over these crisis - during that time there were sanctions on"the people" of Iraq. He did not agree with me, and replied with a calm tone:"Iraq went through a lot of crisis... Civilizations in Iraq collapsed in the past, but Iraq remained always a sort of survivor. Iraqis has been always rise up and rebuild their beloved country, despite all the crisis they have been through."

Very optimistic point of view, but does that apply on the current disaster we are facing?

A country can be built by its people and also can be distroyed further by its people. I am sure about the fact that people like riverbend from Baghdad Burning and Truthteller and his family from Family From Mosul (whom I only know them from their writings on their blogs) are one of those who would love to build new society, and participate in re-building the current wounded society. On the other hand, there who do the opposite, by steeling, killing, cheating, and distroying the whole country with their actions. But does those who build making a balance with those who distroy? and will we be able to see the day when those who build as winnars?


Little Penguin said...

Of course we will. All in due time.. All in due time.

The current political formation in Iraq is one where an elite are given all the power and the minorities are deprived of any real, substantial power. This meant that the minorities fight for their share of the cake and may go as far as killing for them to get their supposedly 'stolen' rights.

Now, I'm not siding with anyone in Iraq, but I think Shias have always been oppressed and now many Sunnis are being oppressed. We're not here to avenge or take turns in killing eachother. What we need is level-headedness and a tiny bit moderation! It pisses me off to see Iraqis doing what they do these days .. idle-worshipping figures and killing eachother for the sake of certain people who choose to sit behind closed doors and preach a sermon every now and then. Also, I hate people who have a shameful record of being part of the Ba'th party who are now calling themselves true representatives of Sunni Iraqis.. it's a load of BS! They're all cash-cows.. money-making brats.

However, despite all this crap, things will, at one point or other, change. Nothing stays as it is forever. My personal opinion is that it will only change with the re-appearance of The Imam.. Others may think that it'll only change when we're divided into little states - an idea which I completely disagree with.

Anyways, keep your head high up and don't listen to George Wassouf - he tends to depress me!

Kind Regards

Zappy! said...

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