Friday, September 22, 2006

Bush owes the whole world an apology

I think what to come will be the next to big debate in the coming days in the United States. There are more and more voices objecting towards the way Bush and his administration is handling things in Iraq. But Keith Olbermann, who is a host of a show on NBC channel called "Countdown" where it discusses the latest daily news, went further than that. Olbermann wrote an article carrying the title "Bush owes us an apology". The issue under debate now is Bush's response to a reporter during his last conference time. The reporter was asking the U.S president about his reaction to the letter former secretary of state, Collin Powel sent, saying: "the world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism." The link to this blog is here

The debate now is not about what Bush thinks of Powel's words, or about the morality of the U.S. foreign policy, it is more about the phrase Bush used, which Olbermann refered to it as Bush's attempt for a "monopoly of thinking"!!!

It became obvious that the cause for "fighting for democracy by the United States" became an internal affair. It seems that the Bush's administration policy of promoting "free speech" and "free will" in the whole world has back-fired, and the essense of democracy in the land of freedom is at stake, especially after hearing Bush's words!

Are we witnessing a struggle to re-initiate democracy in the way it used to be more than a decade ago in the United States? In other words, does the American people sensing the heat nearing to them that their democracy now under threat from it's own government? starting with monitoring every word said or written on telephones, internet, newspapers, on the streets...etc? Does the American public begin to be afraid that actions committed by their government abraod in the name of democracy would be mirrored inside the country?

In this case, Bush owes the whole world an apology, and not only he should do that to his own people, Mr. Olbermann

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Anonymous said...

I POSTED THIS ON MY BLOG on THurs oct 5 and have two responses so far. I had a couple of emails. one person who is Algerian said she cannot even think of a good answer. another Iraqi said her answer will be too caustic. We are so upset by Bush and his betrayals that we don't know what to say. maybe because it does not seem to matter?
An apology won't cut it. Have any creative, vindictive answers to this question? Mixmode gave me this idea to ask political bloggers, radical thinkers, writers, artists:

what does he owe us? what does he owe the world and how do we make him pay?


I'll post them here.

I have more than a few words but I'll keep them to myself. I probably will just swear my butt off. I wait for you to say it more eloquently and more strategically. I think we should spend this week blogging the hell out of this question.