Friday, November 27, 2009

Get Rid of Your Culture!

Below is a new study on what it is defined as the "integration" issue in the Netherlands, came out of a study / research results done by a government-social institute:

" Almost 40% of the Dutch think there are too many immigrants in the Netherlands, a drop of ten percentage points on 2000, according to a new report from the government's social policy institute SCP.

The report also shows both the native Dutch and immigrants consider new arrivals should learn the Dutch language and leave behind their original cultures."


I agree that learning the language of the country you are living in is essential. In fact it is the most important thing to do after arriving in a country, before searching for work or get adapted with new life and new society, but to leave behind original culture??

This is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard.

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البرجوازي العراقي said...

Once a second language is a problem. It is either this new language take the place of the first or added to it.

You will never no what exactly you were doing. I mean which of the two case till you start a third language. The third language you are adding. So, you will figure out then that you were adding or replacing.

Dutchy people want you to replace. This is of no benifit though you will succeed in you society. Replacing means loosing. On the other hand, dutchy language is not an international language. It is just to live in Holand.

I am sure they try to convince you that Holand is the world.

Iraqi Bourgeois