Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In The Lift

I was wondering

You are taking the lift upstairs to the 5'th floor. No one in the lift but you and another man who want to go to the 4 floor.

Mind you, there are some lifts that are really slow, so the time it takes feel like endless.

It is sometimes irritating, because there is a delay one floor, but that is not the issue.

What would you do? Keep silent? rolling your eyes up and down.

Remember, I am talking about taking the lift at work place, and not taking the lift while you are going up the Empire State building while on a visit to New York city.

Some people just turn their look to the opposite side of the person standing next.

Start a converstaion with that person? what about? throw a light joke?

What I do, usually I take a quick look at the person with me in the lift, it is like investigating the mood and what to say. Based on that I might start a conversation.

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