Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week of Concerts 1: Deep Purple Rocks Amsterdam

Tuesday, 17 November was the first one, at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam: a sold out show of the mighty Deep Purple
No, they are not old or lacked the power they used to have. Their performance was fun as before, and it is my privilege to have their show booked in my agenda every year.

I am going to their concert again next year, even if they didn't record a new album, that's for sure.

If there is something unique about Deep Purple as one of the most influential rock/metal bands to date is their combination of power and fun. I said it before and I will keep on saying it. I love this band for those two reasons. Like any band, I don't like ALL their songs, but I love most of their songs, and my collection of their live and bootlegs will never seed to exist, it will keep on growing. I like how they joke and have fun (with these confident exchanges of smiles) among each other- Maybe the exception to all that is the great Ian Paice, but... I couldn't have the chance to catch up a glimse of him from my angel.

I was surprised when the band came on stage, seeing how Ian Gillan lost weight to a fightenning level, honestly, I wish this legendary singer health and long living, wouldn't think of him being ill and that loss of weight is caused by some illness. However, he still charming and one hell of a handsome man.
By the way, Ian Gillan mentioned that they are planning to record a new album for next year, but did not say when.
I can't wait

Which song I would drop out from their setlist? I ask this question because this is common question by many fans of a band like DP with a history, rich history. I would think of "Strange Kind of Woman", but I changed my mind after hearing it on that show, because of the energy and the way they play it live. I would think of "Fireball", but that's a trade mark, nooooo, I won't think of dropping it either, and I just hate those who talk about "that song is worn out and the other played too much on their shows" and all this bla bla bla
Everytime I look to the selist, trying to find a weaker song that can be dropped, I fail to select one.

The selection of songs was also different from last year, I loved this setlist, especially that they played two songs from their 1984's "perfect strangers" album, which they never did, at least not to my knowledge: "Wasted Sunset" and "Not Responsible". The latter was a puzzle to me, considering Gillan's age, I was wondering how he would sing such a song after all these years. Believe me, he did it and I loved that live version.

Don Airey's solo was classic and the great thing when it followed by the excellent "The Battle Rage's on", what a song!

Another highlight was Gov't Mule guitar player Warren Haynes, who joined Deep Purple on stage for the Black Night encore.

The set list for Heineken Music Hall show is:
01. Highway Star
02. Things I Never Said
03. Not Responsible
04. Strange Kind Of Woman
05. Wasted Sunsets
06. Rapture Of The Deep
07. Fireball
08. The Well Dressed Guitar
09. Wring That Neck Play Video
10. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
11. No One Came Play Video
12. The Battle Rages On
13. Space Truckin'
14. Smoke On The Water
15. Hush
16. Black Night (with Warren Haynes on Guitar)

Deep.Purple.HMH 019

Deep.Purple.HMH 025

Deep.Purple.HMH 076 Deep.Purple.HMH 051 Deep.Purple.HMH 052 Deep.Purple.HMH 054 Deep.Purple.HMH 068 Deep.Purple.HMH 075

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