Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Speaking of movies in general, science fiction movies in particular, A couple of weeks ago I went to the movie theater for Watchmen.

It was one of the worst movies (if not the worst sci-fi) movie ever seen. With all high-tech special effects, this movie proved to be one big flop. The story has no consistency, no development to the plot, like glewing small fractions to make one long boring movie.

There are two things the director focused on: senseless action scenes and sexual showup.

In fact, at the end of the movie I felt that I was tricked into going to theater and choose IMAX to watch such a boring movie.

From watching this movie, knowing before hand that the director is the same of 300, which carried a boring story, but great action movie, I was expecting something similar, but my dissapointment was to a large extent when seeing the end title of Watchmen.


Anonymous said...

hmmm - I was going to go and watch this....you have put me off :(

MixMax - I have an award for you on my blog..I know some people dont like to display awards but its there waiting for you if you would like it.

Take care

C x

MixMax said...

If you are into sci-fi movies, I recommend Star Trek.

The other one which I didn't watch it yet but had good reviews is Xmen Origins.

If not, go and watch a night in a museum 2 :))

Wait a minute, what Angels and Demons? I also heard very good reviews

nadia said...

Watchmen is a weird one. The plot isn't really what's central in the comic as it is used as a jumping off point to go into discussions about the mythology of American superheroes themselves and them from a really different angle, actually the fact that the main characters were superheroes at all is almost incidental to what it's about. The book itself is famous for pretty much radically changing comics, but if you were going into the movie expecting to see an asskicking movie I can definitely see why you would be disappointed.

I heard Xmen Origins wasn't that great, but that probably won't stop me from seeing it, like all the other movies so far. It's probably my favourite story.

MixMax said...

Welcome Nadia,

Interesting analysis, yet, most of whom I talked to agreed that the movie ruined the beauty the comics delivered for these characters. I was not expecting action packed movie, but was looking for a constructive story, I mean to have a story build up from begining to the end. I didn't feel that was the case with that movie.

I didn't see Xmen origins, I read good reviews and friends who watched it enjoyed watching it in the theater.