Saturday, May 09, 2009

Music Beauty of Wassouf

A headbanger as many know about me would find it difficult to imagine me listening to this kind of music, but the song in the below video gives me the shivers

For those who didn't know who this young man is, this is George Wassouf, the legendary Syrian singer.

This song is originally from the late 1980 and the video above says it is from 1990, but came out for the first time on the 2003 album "Salaf W Dein".

The lyrics and music is originally by the legendary composer Riad Al Bandak, and the mixing on the album was done by the great maestro Mazin Zawady, who is the main composer of George Wassouf's band until today.

Speaking of Sultan Al Tarab (the nickname of Wassouf), according to many sources on the internet confirmed that the 2009 album will be out in a couple of days.

I just got a top quality of one of the songs, which is simply beautiful.

As usual, can't wait to get a hand of the whole album.

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