Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wake Up!

Today I read (and received emails) related to a lot of clatter about whether George Wassouf became a Muslim!

I am going to echo a lot of people's comments: to start with, it doesn't matter if Wassouf Christian or Muslim, what matters to me (and to any reasonable person) is the music. So... for those still arguing, please stop this nonsense.

If you like George Wassouf's music get the album then from any record store (not only download it because buying the new album is the least any fan would do as a gesture and appreciation to this great artist).

If you don't like George Wassouf music, then give it a try, you won't regret, take my word for that. If you didn't like it, its up to you, its all a matter of taste, BUT don't waste any people time by preaching about religion or faith, because faith and belief is very personal and private matter, do don't play God's role and make judgments on other because you are from different faith.

Second thing, something which I already pointed put on Al Wassouf facebook page, I grew up and around me friends from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, and among them there were Christians. They call God's name "Allah", like Muslims; they swear in Allah's name, like Muslims do when they want to confirm something. This is common and nothing new to the culture in Iraq. I have seen the same thing when I went abroad: I have seen Chrisitians from Lebanon, Jordan and Syria, all of them say "Allah" like Muslim do when they refer to God. This is part of the culture of the people living in the Middle East.

Thus, for those educated people who have their eyes wide open for seeing the word "Allah" (printed out with an Islamic font) on the cover of the latest album of a Christian artist like George Wassouf I have two advices:

1. Go and get some home work done about the historic facts about the different societies living in the Middle East.

2. Check out past interviews with George Wassouf. The way I see his belief, his love and his obedience for God is much better than many people call themselves Muslims or call themselves a better believers from any other religion.

Having said that, I don't believe that George Kurdahi or Nishan Dirharotyan (I am sure the spelling is wrong) were courteous or seeking the blessing of Muslims when calling God "Allah" or when they say "Salla Allah Aleehi We Sellem", means (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), when mentioning the Prophet Mohammed on their talk shows.

This is part of the culture of millions of people living together for hundreds of years.

Wake up people!


Anonymous said...

But I really think he did convert to Islam. I mean I just saw a picture of him where he was wearing the Muslim clothes and that little hat when men go to prayer. I also saw a picture of his house and there was a Quran Verse on the wall.

Anonymous said...

i was just reading your article and i guess that some people were asking you about Wassouf's religion. anyway, whatever the topic it's more civilized to reply and give your "answer"-because you didn't answer them in fact- without ridiculing the level of belief of some Muslims.
in a net article, it's better to respect people and beliefs whatever they are.