Monday, December 01, 2008

Hilary Clinton Is The Next U.S. Secretary Of State

While Sudan finally began their celebrations for the winning of newly elected U.S. president, Barak Obama, because they just found out that the father of Mr. Obama is originally from a tribe who used to live in Sudan and migrated years later to Kenya. In fact they didn’t find out by themselves or through their genealogy sources, it is Obama who announced the roots of his ancestors through his new book that came out recently. Anyway, while Sudan is trying to catch up with the bandwagon and celebrate like other Arab states that showed opmitimisim after the outcome of these elections, Obama is going to announce today his new rescue team for the current credit crisis. For some it is a surprise to have Hilary Clinton as the new U.S. secretary of State - According to The New York Times that reported on Saturday that Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, had agreed to make public the names of more than 200,000 donors to his foundation as part of a deal with Obama to clear the way for his wife to become secretary of state. The newspaper said Clinton had decided to publish his contributor lists to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest with his wife's duties as secretary of state. However, it is no surprise having the current Secretary of Defense Robert Gates at the helm of defense. I think it is understandable to take such a decision, especially that Obama does not want to make mistakes in his next move regarding the re-deployment of the U.S. troops between Iraq and Afghanistan – having an already experienced man in the front would provide him with a better view. But, Hilary Clinton as head of U.S. foreign relations, this is something I am a bit skeptical about. Clinton is a very good politician, but she is a fighter, and a fighter has no place in diplomacy, thus she cannot be turned in one day to a diplomat. We all saw how she paved the way in front of her during the campaign. If we take into the consideration the current situation world wide: financial crisis where the U.S. will definitely seek help from foreign source - I don’t need to name any, Sarkozy is doing good; we have the conflict in the Middle-East, including or excluding Iraq from the formula; in addition to relations with Europe and Asia; and I forgot, we have now those pirates in Adan Sea who started to hunt for oil instead of just any sea carriers. No need to go into details but there are a lot, but above all is what Obama referred to as I call it the healing process of U.S. image in the world. Will Hillary Clinton be right person for this task; especially that she sometimes looks as a hardliner, something that is not accepted in the characteristic skills of a diplomat!

So the question that would remain unanswered is: what impact this appointment would make on the map in the Middle East? Things are already looks bad for many countries (these with or without any sort of political or economic crisis), so how Clinton would participate in shaping up the world map as the foreign minister of the most powerful country in the world? I wonder if Sudan would keep on celebrating if things turned bad! Would they disown their own boy who never knew them?

Picture image of Hilary Clinton is courtesy of Jeff Harter

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