Monday, December 01, 2008

Arabic Broadcast From Amsterdam

A number of weeks back I created a new discussion thread on Facebook on the Iraqi Community In the Netherlands Group. I was seriously eager to know or to see how appealing the idea of having an Arabic Radio station in the Netherlands, like other Arabic speaking internet and FM radio stations, such as Orient Radio (France) and ABS (Australia) - there is another one in Belgium which I heard about recently, but forgot the name.

However, the good news for Arabs living in the Netherlands came to me today: Radio Netherlands Worldwide resumed its broadcast in Arabic language from the 15'th of last month under the name "Here's Amsterdam". The broadcast can be received on radio, satellite, as well as on the internet on different times of the day. Information in Arabic and in English are also available on the site on times of broadcast. It is worth mentioning that Radio Netherlands Worldwide used to broadcast in Arabic for more than four decades but stopped in 1994. In addition, a number of professional presenters from various Arab countries, such as Iraq, Morocco, Libya, Sudan are working for this broadcast, to whom I personally wish them all the best with their work and effort.

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