Thursday, June 14, 2007

This Attack is the Key...

I don't want to sound weird with such a title to this post, but I will start with this question "wasn't everyone expected last year when the dome of the shrines in Samara was bombed that THIS will happen again?". I am not getting old or my memory is betraying me, but I still remember the talk by many people, on the internet and on TV that the same location will be targeted again due to its importance and due to its signifance to the Shiite community in Iraq, which makes it as the igniting spot for an overall secterian violance. Well, it happened again!

The second thing which became so obvious is about the guards: Last time they arrested a number of people including some who were working as guards for the shrine - this time I don't remember how many, but never heard about the conduct of the envistegation! This time again, the sabotage took place from inside the holy shrines, and we hear the same record again of arresting a number of people including guards!

Most of the reactions I read on the internet about the situation and what happened yesterday was described in one word "disgusting"! Will this apply to the event or is it that the situation of the position the Iraqi governement (as the protector and servent of the people) became so disgusting? I am not a military analyst or a political expert, but the attack on the holy shrine took place in Samara, why the curfew on whole Baghdad? Allow me to put the question in different context: why everytime an attack on Samara or Najaf or Karbala or anywhere else a full curfew is imposed on Baghdad? Is this some kind of a show off? or is it a matter of act of desperation?

Some says that it is the gangs of Saddam and al Qaeda who committed this crime, others accused Iran and others the U.S. because this will ensure their control over Iraq - what control do those mean? nothing is under control, ah, they meant ensure that all kinds of chaos remain intact. In either way, whenever I look at the pictures on the internet of the al Askari shrines in Samara without the two minerates I always reach the same conclusion... I am sure many reached the same: The attack proved last time to be the key to a bloody secterian conflict in Iraq, attacking it for the second time will enrich such tragedy.


chikitita said...


Had you been living in Baghdad you'd be grateful for the curfew. They say when someone is angry and feels like getting even, he/she should either wash his/her face, just for the anger to melt away. So I think the curfew KINDA did the trick, had Mr. Jafari done the same, thousands of innocent lives would have been spared.

iraqphoto said...

Selam vereyim dedim.

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MixMax said...


Thanks for your comment,and thanks for your input, much appreciate it