Tuesday, June 05, 2007


One of my relatives is going through coma since yesterday evening. This is the latest news I received today morning from Baghdad. The 70 years old man was ill for sometime now, in the last three days he stopped eating and drinking, and yesterday night he lost his consciousness completely. After receiving this news, my family contacted another close relative, she is considered as the mother of all young and old in the family. She told us that she is planning to go and be with the other family while they are going through this hard time. She asked other relatives about who can drive her to the other family’s house, but no one seems willing to go! The problem is that “no one want to take me there, because the road is too dangerous”!!!!!!!!!

Even show of mercy and solidarity need second thoughts these days in new Iraq!!

Update: He died later in the afternoon!


Marshmallow26 said...

Oh Man!! May God rest his soul in peace...
I am sorry Max

MixMax said...

Ameen, my friend. Good that he didn't stay in coma that long, especially with his deteriorating health in the past weeks. It is very sad, really, no one is standing by his family, no one, I talked to the eldest son and he when he heard my voice he began crying like a child

Thanks, Marsh!

chikitita said...

I wouldn't ask anyone to drive me anywhere and if someone offers I'd be so rude and lecture him about the dangers and how he's losing his mind to offer such a stupid thing.

All women are now too scared to go out with male family members.

It's crazy to keep Iraqi manners in Iraq these days.

Not sure whether I should express my condolences or envy.

A&Eiraqi said...

Hi Max
it seems all the bloggers are writing about death!
God rest his soul in peace.
Life is getting more and more horrible
Allah kereem

MixMax said...


"It's crazy to keep Iraqi manners in Iraq these days."

Unfortunately it is the case in today's Iraq, in the past when something similar happen, the street would be blocked because of the cars and people gathering


I don't know if it is a coincidence that all bloggers are talking about death or is the situation became extremely bad that death is spreading more and more to the level that can also be seen clearer on Iraqi blogs

Allah Kareem