Monday, May 07, 2007

Love for Life… Love for Iraq…

…This is what Iraqis are made of!!

On the fourth occasion of the invasion I wrote about how Iraqis presents one quality in particular In spite of death, sorrow and hard time they have been through: Iraqis' love for life surpasses anything else. In spite of the ongoing attempts to divide Iraqis on purpose or without purpose (is there any?) the Iraqis remain unique with their ability to invent and shine!!

Long live Iraq and the Iraqis

Check out the photos below…


A&Eiraqi said...

Hi Max
Long live Iraq, it's nice to keep your hope up all the time.
Allah kereem

MixMax said...

Hi a&eiraqi,

The hope is always there, it is me, you and many others who must keep the hope high in order help each other and help our country, if you know what I mean :)