Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Get Well, Ronnie

The man with the giant voice. I was shocked when I heard the news of Ronnie James Dio diagnosed with stomach cancer, and that he is taken to hospital for medical treatment.

First time I heard Dio's voice on tape was on Black Sabbath's album "heaven and hell" when it came out in 1980. The album was and still considered ahead of its time with the way songs were made and mixed. From that moment Dio became one of the biggest influences on me musically with his opera like way of singing his selection or taste of music composition with the different bands he played with for more than two, three decades.

I saw Ronnie James Dio for the first time live with Heaven & Hell two years ago. I was like wow, God bless. Such a devoted musician and humble person on stage

For those who would like to give their support and love for the Ronnie, website has created a page for fans to post their pictures and wishes for Dio, and on different website, among them the great Deep Puprle hub created a "wishing well" page for same purpose.

Get well soon, Ronnie, I and millions are waiting for the new of you beating that nasty beast.

I am sure that day will be a big festivity all around the world when we see you on tage again

From my heart, all best wishes for health, happiness, and long living.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In The Lift

I was wondering

You are taking the lift upstairs to the 5'th floor. No one in the lift but you and another man who want to go to the 4 floor.

Mind you, there are some lifts that are really slow, so the time it takes feel like endless.

It is sometimes irritating, because there is a delay one floor, but that is not the issue.

What would you do? Keep silent? rolling your eyes up and down.

Remember, I am talking about taking the lift at work place, and not taking the lift while you are going up the Empire State building while on a visit to New York city.

Some people just turn their look to the opposite side of the person standing next.

Start a converstaion with that person? what about? throw a light joke?

What I do, usually I take a quick look at the person with me in the lift, it is like investigating the mood and what to say. Based on that I might start a conversation.