Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Killer

His name is Nevzat Koya, 41 years old. According to police, this is the name and age of the person who killed Arzu Erbas. He is dangerous, addicted on drugs and alcohol but above all, he has no permit to live in the Netherlands.

Until this moment, this man is free and undetected, neither anyone knows, according to police, the motives behind the crime he committed, especially that that man has no link or relationship with the day care center and any of the children or their parents.

One person I talked to a couple of days told me "so what the use? they will catch the killer, lock him in prison for a couple of years, end of story: two children lost their mother with no obvious reason, a mother who wanted to do something good for her community and the people around her just got killed like that, is this fair? where is justice?? and what someone can learn from all that???"

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