Saturday, September 06, 2008

In Syria

First of all, Ramadan Kareem for all Muslims. Second, I am doing great, I am now in Syria, writing this short post from an internet cafe. Internet Cafe's here are the only places where someone can get reasonable internet speed. Internet services for home users is available but they cost a lot of money, in addition of being unreliable, and extremly slow.
The country is rich with its wonderful history and very interesting traditions, and it contains many aspects of modern life equally to these seen in the west. That's why there are a lot of to tell about, which I found interesting and fun at the same time. I got annoyed and sometimes angry on a number of occasions, but that's the way in every country.
Anyway, this post is to thank everyone who sent me emails asking where did I disappear in the past two weeks.
There will be more to the story :)

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