Saturday, July 05, 2008

CD Fever!

I love CD's! There is some magic and beauty in going to a record shop and dive deep in among the thousands of CD's, pick one or two, and sometimes three on each visit. My music collection, also includes hundreds of albums in MP3 format. However, I always keep wondering if downloading an MP3 of a certain album would deliver the same satisfaction as it is compare to listening to a CD? I know that there are a lot who switched to IPod and MP3 players - that provide more space for more songs, which made a lot believe that CD's will be obsolete one day. Going to a record shop for those who consider themselves music fanatics (nicely put: collectors) is like a visit to an important place, as I said earlier, there is some magic: searching for a CD, find one, stare at the cover for a few seconds, look at the back cover and the songs listing, sometimes ask the saleswomen to play the CD - a psychological attempt to have 100% conviction that its worth the money paid for it. After a little listen to the CD, a nod to the saleswoman with a satisfactory smile on the face meanining "I would like to buy this CD". The second phase is to go home, unpack the CD, take the inlay out and browse through the pages that contain lyrics, notes and pictures. But the ultimate experience is when playing the CD: no one at home? play it as loud as you can. The family at home: put headphones on, tell everyone in the house not to bother you, even if there is an earthquake and enjoy the new CD.

By the way, does buying CD's from the internet (as an alternative for some) can have the same magic?

Image by: JessicaAM

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