Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Don’t We Swap Countries?

I read today the news on the obligation by the Bush administration has made towards the Iraqi People by allowing more, as refugees, to enter the United States. The one statement intrigued me was that of the assistant secretary of States, Ellen Sauerbrey: “We have a moral obligation to protect Iraqi refugees, particularly those who belong to persecuted religious minorities as well as those who have worked closely with the United States government since the fall of Saddam Hussein". The focus on allowing “certain religious minorities” was in fact meant Iraqi Christians! Not that I have something against Iraqi Christians - my best friend from childhood was a Christian, but I don’t think she meant the Sab’ies or the Yezidis, right?? Remind of the 1991 Gulf War when the Netherlands and Sweden decided to take Iraqis from Rafha camp sepcifically as refugees! Anyway, the move by the US administration makes me wonder if losing ground in Iraq for the US made their government seek other alternatives to save innocent souls! and that by either providing shelter for Iraqis in the United States, or financing humanitarian organizations to help Iraqis resituated, as indicated in the article?

I find it odd that a country is occupying another country, watch its people getting humiliated, get killed and displaced, and not able until this very moment to provide order and security to an alley or a couple of houses’ blocks. Is it Planned for (oh, not conspiracy theory again) but is it only oil they do care for (as former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan admitted in his new memoir, Age of Turbulance, by saying that “the Iraq war is largely about oil.”)?? Taking into the consideration the cost of human souls lost among US soldiers, and the actions taken by their government, I only become more convinced of the fact that the war generals seems to only have partially solutions. God knows if that the exact meaning of incompetence; One day they come up with big concrete walls to separate areas within the one city; another time sponsoring militias and half-killers to bring order to the street; and now they are dividing the population of Iraq into certain groups based on religious and social aspects and watching this exodus of millions to start all over again somewhere on a spot on this planet.

OK, Iraq is a resourceful country, and has its impact on the world economy with its huge oil reserves maybe - in addition to its strategic and geographic location in the region. Therefore, why spending millions on conquering in the name of freedom? Why having thousands of soldiers getting killed for a reason everyone now knows that it became a child’s (and comedian’s) lie? Why don’t we just swap countries and end the whole tragedy once in and for all? At least this will definitely ensures innocent Iraqis to finally live and die in peace ;)


Anonymous said...

Jesus bloody Christ, we didn't need Alan Greenspan to tell us the illegal invasion, permanent occupation of and genocide of Iraqis is only about oil. Any halfwit knew what this was about back in 2003. The Bush Administration want Iraq's oil and Iraq as a country for a permanent military and economic base.
The genocide of the Iraqis is already happening.

Gale said...
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MixMax said...

Gale, thanks for passing by blog, and thank you for your compliments and the tip regarding the book. I appreciate it.

Your insight has broaden the way Iraq is dealt with to include "everything profitable", which remind of someone who once said while talking about Iraq during the 12 years sanctions when he said "If we exclude oil from considering as a profitable resource for the Iraqi economy, there are other numourous resources in the country that can make it one of the most richest countries on the planet."

It might not have something to do wtih this but I must add that the problem is not with greed from "the outsiders" rather than from some who were born and grew up in this country. If inhabitants of a house won't take care of themselves and for their house, no one else will do!!

Gale said...
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