Thursday, February 01, 2007

Plan is Ready

Prime Minister Al Maliki gave a speech on Iraqi army day on 7th of January that the security plan is ready and that "The Baghdad security plan will not offer a safe shelter for outlaws regardless of their ethnic and political affiliations, and we will punish anyone who hesitates to implement orders because of his ethnic and political background". To promote his plan, the Iraqi Prime Minister gave another speech in front of the parliament on 25th of January. The speech was resulted in a mayhem when confrontation, threats and shouting among members took place

On 28 of January, Iraq the Model latest blog came out with a title: “Sources: Operation Baghdad starts on February 5.” Humm… So the anticipated plan for securing Baghdad and bringing back safety for the Baghdadis will finally begin! But didn’t the prime minister just said that it is ready??!!

The shameful and disastrous thing about this is the way it has been dealt with so far. The talking about this security plan is so lame, as if the whole thing is about putting the finishing touches on a sort of a campaign for the start of a big festival!!!!!!!!!!! According to Reuters “the data from an Interior Ministry official, widely viewed as an indicative but only partial record of violent deaths, showed 1,971 people died from attacks in Iraq in January, slightly up from the previous high of 1,930 deaths in December.” It adds that “The Interior Ministry toll, provided to Reuters by a ministry source, refers to people killed in terrorism -- a category that may not include many of the dozens of unidentified bodies found daily in Baghdad, many the victims of sectarian death squads.”

Any secondary school boy or girl knows that any plan for spreading security in the Iraq is needed NOW more than any time!! And the same boy or girl knows that when announcing for such plan action MUST be taken immediately! What kind of preparations are these and what kind of secret plans both the Iraqi and US government having for implementation? It is more than a month since the news came out about “how a joint effort by the US and Iraqi troops to start purging Baghdad and the rest of the country from all bad boys” Everyone from South America to Japan already knew that! More than a month since the very first announcement! In the meantime all thugs, criminals, corrupted politician (oh no, they are not included in the list, I think) have already booked their flights and packed their cars and hop-ala, there we goooo!!

Is there someone who feel a little optimistic about this plan? Is it the fifth or sixth security plan which did not succeed?? However, anyone, including myself still have hope. Hope is the only method for survival these days; it was useful in the past and should always work!


Marshmallow26 said...

هلو ماكس

يعني اذا همة مزعطـة متكولي شنكدر نسويلهم؟؟؟

الله كريم

MixMax said...

the big question whether this will work this time. I wish it will, not of course for the current government because the more days to go the more the people are convinced how this government like the ones before, uselss